Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rules and Rankings

The Senate adopted its rules for the 82nd Legislature and maintained the 2/3rds tradition except for voter id. Legislation requiring a voter to present photo identification at the polls will only require a majority of the Senators present to be debated on the floor. All other legislation will require 2/3rds (21 votes if all 31 Senators are present). The House, with 101 Republicans, is expected to pass numerous pieces of conservative legislation. It will be fascinating to watch how such legislation fares in the Senate with the 2/3rds rule in effect. The House is expected to adopt its rules on Monday.

For the seventh consecutive year, Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell was named the top law firm lobby practice in Texas by Capitol Inside. "The team that Robert Miller leads at Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell has crowned the list of the most powerful law firm lobby practices in Texas since the category was conceived seven years ago. Locke Lord - for starters - has the top law firm lobby shop in Austin because it wants to be number one and works aggressively to not only keep that distinction but to solidify its lock on it more year year."

Locke Lord professionals ranked in the Top 50 lobbyists in Texas were: Robert Miller, No. 7; Yuniedth Midence Steen, No. 20; and Gardner Pate, No. 50. Consultant Nef Partida was ranked No. 14 in Texas of political consultants who lobby. Way to go team!