Monday, July 25, 2011

Texas House Update

Expectations are that there will be another large freshman class when the 83rd Texas House convenes in January 2013 rivaling in size the 37 new members for the 82nd House. Already I count 15 likely departures from the House.

Resignations/Retirements -- 4
HD 14 -- Fred Brown has resigned and a special election to fill his unexpired term will be held November 8.
HD 88 -- Warren Chisum is not seeking reelection and instead will run for the Railroad Commission seat currently held by Elizabeth Ames Jones, who is running for the U. S. Senate. Christi Craddick is also planning to run for Jones' Railroad Commission seat, which will set up a fascinating primary race to watch.
HD 115 -- Jim Jackson has announced his retirement and will not seek reelection.
HD 136 -- Speaker Pro Tem Beverly Woolley has decided to retire. Speaker Woolley, who was first elected in 1986, was widely regarded as performing superbly as Speaker Pro Tem this session and providing mature, seasoned leadership for the Texas House. She will be a major loss for the Houston area delegation.

Pairings -- 6
Twelve members are currently paired, which means that 6 will not return.
HD 2 -- Dan Flynn and Erwin Cain
HD 19 -- James White and Tuffy Hamilton
HD 34 -- Connie Scott and Raul Torres
HD 105 -- Rodney Anderson and Linda Harper-Brown
HD 113 -- Cindy Burkett and Joe Driver
HD 137 -- Scott Hochberg and Hubert Vo

Running for the Texas Senate -- 2
SD 10 -- Kelly Hancock (HD 91)
SD 11 -- Larry Taylor (HD 24)

Running for Congress -- 3
CD 25 -- Jason Isaac (HD 45) and Sid Miller (HD 59)
CD 35 -- Joaquin Castro (HD 125)

The list of voluntary House departures will grow if Senators Ogden, Shapiro, or Wentworth decide to retire, and if Mark Shelton and Vicki Truitt run for SD 10. When you throw in additional retirements, we are probably looking at 25 new House members before the voters render any decisions in the March 2012 primary or November 2012 general election.