Monday, August 15, 2011

Perry has Flawless Launch

Gov. Perry announced for the Presidency on Saturday in South Carolina, and then subsequently visited New Hampshire and Iowa over the weekend. Experts and pundits question whether Perry will meet the expectations and become the main rival to Gov. Romney for the Republican nomination, or instead wither under the stark light of national scrutiny and become the Fred Thompson of this cycle. Some stated that the first 48 hours of Perry's candidacy would be crucial given his one and only opportunity to make a first impression as a late entrant into the race.

Team Perry passed the first 48 hours with flying colors. His speech to Red State in South Carolina was highly rated; having Dave Carney made him an immediate player in New Hampshire; and he bested Michelle Bachman in their first joint appearance. Pundits now have moved the goal post and opine that this first week will be the crucial one. According to Politico this morning:

"Perry got rave reviews during his first two days of campaigning, but it still feels like he might be a mere flavor of the month. A full week on the trail could go a long way to assuage suspicions that he's a latter day John Connolly or Phil Gramm, two swashbuckling Texans who flamed out after arriving in the early states to great fanfare. With that in mind, we have these questions for the week ahead. (1) Can Rick Perry defy the skeptics and avoid even a medium-sized gaffe in his first week as a national candidate?"

Time will tell, but his trajectory looks good so far.