Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Perry Rockets into First

Public Policy Polling (PPP) released a poll yesterday with Gov. Perry leading in Iowa among Republican primary voters at 22%; Romney 19%; Bachman 18%; and Paul 16%. A Gallup poll revealed Perry and President Obama tied nationally at 47% among registered voters. reports that PPP will release a poll today showing Perry with a double digit lead nationally among Republican primary voters.

It has been a wild ride for Team Perry since their presidential launch August 13. Perry has been enthusiastically received in Iowa and South Carolina -- less so in New Hampshire. Rivals and the media have pounced on comments regarding Ben Bernanke, global warming and evolution. The House of Bush led by Karl Rove has intoned that Perry’s comments are “not presidential” and admonished him not to criticize former President George W. Bush’s administration.

Ironically, Mr. Rove’s criticisms are actually helping to fuel Perry’s meteoric rise among Republican primary voters. One of Perry’s greatest challenges nationally will be to overcome “Texas fatigue” and “Bush fatigue.” Attacks from the House of Bush assist this objective.

With lift-off successfully complete, the Perry campaign is now approaching stage two: Fundraising. September 30 is the deadline for receipt of contributions to be reported to the FEC October 15. The game of expectations will be played over the next five weeks as to the amount Perry will need to raise to maintain his trajectory. Based on what I am seeing and hearing so far, I anticipate that when Team Perry ignites the stage two fundraising rockets on October 15 it will be equally impressive.