Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update on Texas Legislative Races

Filing for office in Texas begins November 12 and ends December 12.  So far, at least 24 State Representatives will not be seeking reelection to their current seat.  There were 35 new members in 2011.  I believe that we will have 35 - 40 new members in 2013.  There are 3 open Senate seats, and there will be at least 4 new Senators in 2013.
Texas House
Announced Retirements - 6
Fred Brown HD 14
Charlie Howard         HD 26
Rick Hardcastle         HD 68
Lanham Lyne         HD 69
Jim Jackson HD 115
Beverly Woolley HD 136
Announced for Congress - 4
Randy Weber         CD 14
Pete Gallego CD 23
Barbara Caraway CD 30
Joaquin Castro         CD 35
Announced for Senate - 5
Charles Schwertner  SD 5
Ken Paxton SD 8
Rodney Anderson SD 9
Larry Taylor SD 11
Kelly Hancock         SD 10
Announced for Other Office - 2
Warren Chisum         Railroad Commission
Jose Aliseda District Attorney
Open Seats - 7 (will discuss candidates in subsequent post)
HD 3 - Montgomery and Waller
HD 12 - Brazos et al.
HD 33 - Collin
HD 85 - Ft. Bend, Wharton and Jackson
HD 101- Tarrant
HD 106 - Denton
HD 149 - Williamson
Current Status of Pairings
Erwin Cain is paired with Dan Flynn in HD 2, but he is not going to run against Flynn.
James White and Tuffy Hamilton are paired in HD 19 and only one will return.
Raul Torres, paired with Connie Scott in HD 34, is expected to move into HD 35 and run.
Warren Chisum, paired with Jim Landtroop in HD 88, is running for the Railroad Commission.
Rodney Anderson, paired with Linda Harper Brown in HD 105, is running for the State Senate.
Joe Driver, paired with Cindy Burkett in HD 113, is expected to retire.
Scott Hochberg, paired with Hubert Vo in HD 137, has not announced his plans.
Other House Notes
Will Hartnett is contemplating retirement, and a decision could come as soon as this week.
Chente Quintanilla is contemplating a run for El Paso County Commissioner.
Texas Senate
SD 5   Sen. Steve Ogden announced this morning that he will not run again, and Rep. Charles Schwertner will announce for the seat this afternoon.
SD 8   Sen. Florence Shapiro announced her retirement yesterday.  She is unhappy that Rep. Ken Paxton is the favorite to replace her, and has recruited Scott O’Grady into the race.
SD 9   Sen. Chris Harris has announced for reelection, and he will be challenged by Rep. Rodney Anderson.
SD 10  The Justice Department pre-cleared the Senate map under the Voting Rights Act yesterday, and it now appears almost certain that the new Senate lines will be upheld.  If so, SD 10 becomes a Republican seat and Rep. Kelly Hancock will win it, replacing Sen. Wendy Davis.
SD 11  Rep. Larry Taylor has announced that he is running to replace Sen. Mike Jackson, who is running for Congress.  Rep. Taylor is the early favorite. John Nau is hosting a major Houston fundraiser for him October 18, with every Republican member of the Houston legislative delegation listed as a Host.
SD 25 Sen. Jeff Wentworth has announced for reelection.  Donna Campbell, who ran against Cong. Lloyd Doggett last cycle, will challenge him in the primary.