Friday, November 18, 2011

Eppstein: Court Ordered SD 10 More Republican Than Current SD 10

Re: Correction Requested
Are you drinking Democrat Matt Angle's Kool-Aid?
What is your statistical basis to say: "Sen. Wendy Davis will become a favorite for reelection in SD 10"? 
Davis was actually trying to pick up ALL of EAST Tarrant County to make SD10 more Democratic---- the federal CT map did not do this! 
Additionally, the ACTUAL past voting history of SD 10 contradicts your statement: 
* In 2002-2004-2006-2008-2010 No Democrat has EVER reached 50% in current SD10 
* In 2008, Davis won on plurality with less than 50% 
* The average GOP % in current SD10 in 2010 was 57% 
* The average GOP % in current SD 10 in 2008 was 51% 
* MCain pulled 52% in current SD10 in 2008 
* Perry pulled 53% and Abbott pulled 60% in current SD10 in 2010 
* The Federal Court map SD10 may actually be more Republican than the current SD10 map (I was told this and will try to confirm this morning). 
Based on the above, I respectfully ask that you make a CORRECTION to your statement on Davis being a "favorite" in SD10. 
Your consideration is appreciated. 
Bryan Eppstein

Confirmed this morning: 
The Federal Court Ordered State Senate District 10 is MORE Republican than the current SD10.... both McCain's 2008 % (52.2%) and Perry/Abbott's 2010 %s (52.7% and 60.1% respectively) are slightly higher in the Federal Court Ordered State Senate District 10 than the current SD 10.