Monday, December 5, 2011

Status of Harris County State House Filings

Unless stayed by the U. S. Supreme Court, candidate filing for Texas House seats is under way and continues through December 15 under the San Antonio court’s interim map.  Harris County now has 24 State Representatives, and the status of these seats as of 5 p.m. Friday is:
Democratic Incumbents Filed for Reelection
131 Alma Allen
140 Armando Walle
141 Senfronia Thompson
143 Ana Hernandez-Luna
145 Carol Alvarado
146 Boris Miles
148 Jessica Farrar
149 Hubert Vo
Republican Incumbents Filed for Reelection
126 Patricia Harless
127 Dan Huberty
128 Wayne Smith
130 Allen Fletcher
132 Bill Callegari
133 Jim Murphy
134  Sarah Davis
135 Gary Elkins
138 Dwayne Bohac
150 Debbie Riddle
The following incumbents had not filed as of 5 p.m. Friday:
129 John Davis
137 Scott Hochberg announced his retirement
139 Sylvester Turner
142 Harold Dutton
144 Ken Legler
147 Garnet Coleman
Democratic Primaries
137 It appears that Brandon Dudley, Sen. Ellis’ Chief of Staff, will square off with Joe Madden, Rep. Coleman’s Chief of Staff.
Republican Primaries
133  Grant Johnston is challenging Jim Murphy
150  James Wilson is challenging Debbie Riddle
General Election Match-Ups
134  Ann Johnson has filed to run against Sarah Davis
144 No Democratic candidate has filed so far for this seat, which now appears very difficult for Rep. Legler to win.