Saturday, March 10, 2012

Texas House Races -- Dallas County

Dallas County lost 2 state representative districts in redistricting, dropping from 16 to 14 seats.  The refiling deadline yesterday turned out to be a good day for incumbents with only Angie Chen Button facing a primary challenger.  As best I can tell from the various party sources, the following drew neither a primary nor a general election major party opponent and will be reelected:
  • Eric Johnson
  • Rafael Anchia
  • Roberto Alonzo
  • Dan Branch
  • Helen Giddings
  • Yvonne Davis
The following incumbents did not seek reelection to the House:
  • Rodney Anderson (paired with Linda Harper-Brown)
  • Barbara Mallory Caraway (running for Congress)
  • Joe Driver (paired with Cindy Burkett)
  • Will Hartnett
  • Jim Jackson
The following Republican incumbents did not draw a primary opponent, but face a Democrat in the general election:
  • Stefani Carter
  • Linda Harper-Brown
  • Kenneth Sheets
  • Cindy Burkett
There are 3 open seats, 2 of which will be decided in the primary:
  • 3 Democrats are vying for the Caraway seat
  • 5 Republicans and 1 Democrat are vying for the Jackson seat
  • Former Rep. Bill Keffer and 2 other Republicans are running for the Hartnett, as is former Rep. Carol Kent and another Democrat
More details on the races may be found at