Saturday, March 10, 2012

Texas House Races -- Harris County

7 of the 24 Harris County state representatives face no major party opposition in either the primary or the general, and congratulations to the following who were reelected yesterday with the passage of the filing deadline:

  • Patricia Harless
  • Wayne Smith
  • Allen Fletcher
  • Armando Walle
  • Harold Dutton
  • Carol Alvarado
  • Jessica Farrar
There are 2 open seats:
  • Scott Hochberg is not seeking reelection, and 4 Democrats and 1 Republican are vying to represent this seat rated as 18.0D by TWI
  • Ken Legler is not seeking reelection, and 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans are vying to represent this seat rated as 1.7D by TWI
6 members are facing primary only races:
  • John Davis has 1 opponent
  • Alma Allen has 1 opponent
  • Bill Callegari has 1 opponent
  • Jim Murphy has 2 opponents
  • Dwayne Bohac has 1 opponent
  • Borris Miles has 1 opponent
3 House members have both a primary and a general race:
  • Dan Huberty
  • Garnet Coleman
  • Debbie Riddle
Finally, 6 members are facing a general election opponent:
  • Sarah Davis
  • Gary Elkins
  • Sylvester Turner
  • Senfronia Thompson
  • Ana Luna
  • Hubert Vo
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