Saturday, March 10, 2012

Texas House Races -- Tarrant Co.

Unlike Dallas County where 6 of the 14 state representatives face no major party opposition, all of the 11 House seats in Tarrant County are contested.  There are 5 seats without an incumbent seeking reelection, as follows:

To be decided in the Republican primary:

    • District 91 where Kelly Hancock is running for SD 9
    • District 92 where Todd Smith is also running for SD 9
    • District 97 where Mark Shelton is running for SD 10

To be decided in the Democratic primary:

    • District 95 where Mark Veasey is running for CD 33 (there is a quixotic Republican for the general election)
    • District 101 is a new seat with a TWI rating 21.0D

There are 5 seats where the incumbent is facing a primary challenge:

  • District 90 where Lon Burnam has one challenger
  • District 93 where Barbara Nash has two primary challengers
  • District 94 where Diane Patrick has one challenger
  • District 96 where Bill Zedler has one challenger
  • District 98 where Vicki Truitt has both a primary and general election challenger
Finally, Charlie Geren has a quixotic Democratic general election opponent in a 31.1R district.

More information may be found in the spreadsheet at